warriors heart united states flag in frame
warriors heart united states flag
warriors heart united states betsy ross flag

Warriors Heart

Warriors Heart - United States Flag

$ 300.00

This Flag Represents Freedom. 

It was handcrafted by Veterans and First Responders in the Warriors Heart Foundation woodshop devoted to healing our Nations’ Military, Law Enforcement, Fire, and EMT personnel.  There are many American flags on the market, but this flag was made by those who were sworn to protect it. 

These handcrafted wooden flags are made with 13 strips of wood and 50 individual stars.  The time and effort put into them reflects just how important the American flag is to the men and women serving under it. 

100% of the profits from these flags stay with Operation Warriors Heart Foundation where they are used to subsidize the cost of treatment for a Warrior or First Responder in need. 

We thank you for your generous purchase and look forward to helping many more warriors through our program.  You can help make a difference in the lives of our warriors and their families. 

This is just one way that you can serve those who have served you.

Christian Bagge - Warriors Heart Foundation Honorary Board of Advisor Member, US Army